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Struggling to enlarge your business online? Made a website that doesn't generate lead?
Well, Sketch your profit margin with the best web design company and SEO service provider in dhaka Bangladesh

SEO Friendly Web Design Service

Web design and internal style of a website should be SEO friendly otherwise It's just waste of time and money

Let's look why you develop custom software, design website and buy SEO that really works

Creating a software doesn't mean your saving, doing SEO or making good website doesn't mean your selling enough!

  • We develop your software that save your financial expenses

    When you do all of your works manually with pen and paper or even excel sheets that really time consuming and needs more employees. More emplyee means more expenses.

  • We provide SEO service that brings you more visitor to your website and turn into customer

    When design SEO friendly website and rank it in google or other search engine you attract more people meaning more sale.

Before you make a deal I would like to introduce you the most renowned and prominent web design and digital marketing company Algoslab helping businesses with different types of software, websites and digital marketing services. Whether you are a small start-up or a huge company We rather serve you the best services within the cut of time. In Algoslab We all fellow team members work hard to please our development time without compromising the quality because It's not all about quantity It's all about quality.

HTML 100%
CSS 95%
JavaScript-Jquery 90%
PHP-Laravel 99%
WordPress/CMS 70%
Photoshop 80%

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We provide a complete IT solution from custom ERP to digital marketing as SEO

Custom Software

We have the best custom software developer implementing algorithms and solving the problem

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We are constantly ranking your business top page of google and other search engine.

Graphics Design

We have expert in the sector of graphics design and art works

Facebook Ads Campaign

We are specialized in facebook ads from targeting audience to boosting pages.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of the most critical solution to b2b problem we solve

E-commerce Solution

We help you designing and developing e-commerce store online and help generate more sale

Robert H. Smith

Managing Director

Looking for a website design service that serves my business well and I was looking to get a professional look for my website. I found this service and purchased a design that I really like. The design is professional and the web page design is easy to navigate. The color schemes and the layout of the design are great. I would recommend this website design service to anyone looking for a professional look for their website.

Sara Wilsson


This is an awesome company when I needed the quote to write code about a custom software development project I was working on. I had no idea what to expect when I first started and needed to be put in contact with a company that could help. I was pleased with the communication that I had with the company and the work they did. They were able to complete the project within the time frame I mentioned and were easy to work with. I would definitely recommend Quik Roster to any developer looking for developer

Jena Karlis

Store Owner

Trying to find an SEO service in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and I came across different website and find this SEO service. It looks like my site is really good and well optimized. Recently, I noticed that my website is ranking from middle to first page of google. From what I can tell, this SEO service is perfect. I gave it a try and it looks like I'm getting some results.

Matt Brandon


It's a good job.
I myself is a graphic designer. Because I sometimes sources my service from freelancers too and it's awesome.

John Larson


Just started my own business and now we say we have a great e-commerce site for about a month now. It's really great for small businesses that don't have a lot of products to sell. The admin panel is very easy to use and the creation and management of products are done very quickly. I've been really pleased with the customer service they have provided and the levels of support are very high.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services

Some of you who are not well versed about digitalization or not much familier about internet here to help.

  • It's better to have domain name as same as your business name

    A domain name is nothing but uniquely identified sequence of characters that represents an entry point of a website on the internet. Suppose you open up your computer's browser and write and hit enter key on the keyboard. So, you enitialize a session to browse our website. Here, Algoslab is the domain name. You might be wondering at this point well then what are those other charachertes .com or www. Those are associated with your domain name and serve the different aspects for your website. When you design your own website or hire a web design company in Bangladesh or any other country really their work is to design for you. At Algoslab we provide Free Domain name with web design service. When you take a domain name for your company you must choose a name short and related to your business model. A short and related domain name has possitive impact on search engine optimization.

  • Host is just another computer on the web

    Now that you have completed web design and you got a free domain name from Algoslab It's time to host your website online so that people can visit your website and get some of your business information. But what is hosting ? A hosting is nothing but another computer somewhere on the internet just like your personal computer configured in a way with special software so that when you write on a browser and hit enter key on the key board the hosting computer serves you the page currently you are viewing now. A host sometimes also reffer to a web server that needs to be online 24/7 because if host is down your website will not be visible to the world. If your website is online all the time you will get more traffic as well as search engine optimization will not be so difficult. If you take a web design service from us you get a free hosting as well.

  • SEO is the way to beat competition

    Now you have got your web design service successfully. You have got free domain name and free hosting and your site is live online you can visit anytime from anywhere. Well, sounds awesome. Did you ever search your product or service on search engine ? Let me say your domain name is "Algoslab" you go to your favourite search engine and type "Algoslab" and your website comes first in the search result page and you think wow your website comes first on the search engine and you have well search engine optimized website but Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) is not meant for that. Most of the time most of the website comes first automatically in the search result page If you search your domain name. Then what is the search engine optimization ? Well, It's all about your product or service not the domain name it self. Suppose you design your websit to sell "Tea" then you go to search engine write "tea" or "testy tea in Bangladesh" If you see your website is on the first page of search engine then you should say wow We are on the first page of search engine.

  • Web design company must follow standard

    Well, when you like to hire a web design company for your business you must ask them some question about their quality and business service. Didn't make sense ? Well, ask them following questions.

    • What is SEO Friendly web design ?
    • Do you provide SEO friendly web design service ?
    • What are the 3 most important quality of your web design service
    • Do you provide responsive web design service
    • Do you have 24/7 customer service
    • Do you follow MVC or MVT coding style

    This are the question you may ask before you hire a web design company to make your online identity looks great in terms of queality of service. You must sketch, make a blueprint or take paper and pencil to draw your website on paper before you hire a web design company. Although it's not mandatory but it helps us to understand what you really want from us.

  • We have collection of a big list of email address from CEO & MDs

    Do you want to generate more leads to your sales funnel but don't find a suitable ways? Well, We would like to introduce you the best method of digital marketing after the SEO is email marketing. Email marketing is just an act of sending houndred of thousands corporate email everyday and achieve more lead generation. You may send email to your current customer and inform them about new product or service. Or you may send email to your potential customar. If you are really a start up business owner you better approach with email marketing techniques because it just not saves money but time too. You just need a big list of Email address. How to find lots of email address? Well, We have develop an automated software that really help you find big list of email address. Not just list of a bunch of email address but email address from your targeted audience.

  • Reach targeted audience directly via SMS marketing

    SMS marketing is one of the important part in digital marketing. It is the act of sending short message to creat brand awarness. You could send sms to the prospects and potential customers to generate more sales. It's the way of interaction with your targeted audience directly via SMS. How many phone number do you have on your phone book? You don't have much right? Well, it alright you don't have lot's of phone number because you are not a SMS marketer but you should have phone number who is your target audience. If you think you need all the phone number of your target audience you are on the right place. We help you finding the your targeted audiences phone number and send them short message about your service or product.

  • You will have a marketing exicutive 24/7 on the web

    You are a already reputative business owner you are generating so many sales per month then why do you need a website ? Well, It's just like you have many physical marketing exicutive working for you from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm everyday. You can think of a website like a marketing executive who will spread out your business information loud but not for a short period of time. Website will work for you every seconds in every minutes, days after days months after months without resting a single second of time. With a web design service you will have a complete website to show your business information so, that anyone from anywhere in the world can visit your website on the internet in anytime. It's now more easier to reach your targeted audience more quickly more accurately.

  • It's more easier to reach targeted audience with SEO service

    Well, Now you have a complete website live on the internet. Anyone from anywhere can visit your website but wait second. Ask a question yourself how many people do know about your website? Only you and me at this point, right? To spread out your website to the world you need to hire a seo service provider company. Their work is analyze your competitor's website and find appropriate keywords that related to your industry and rank your website to search engine. Why do you wanna do that ? Firstly, you need more traffic to your website. Secondly, You wanna beat your competitor and finally, you want to grow your profit margin exponentially.

  • SEO company that intend to enlarge your business

    Although it's about search engine optimization but it's not always the case to rank your website immediately. There are negative SEO impacts too. If SEO company uses black hat SEO techniques your website will rank faster but not longer. Search engines are very clever now a days. Today or tommorow they will figure it out that you used some illigal SEO techniques that will harm your site even serch engine can block your website from their search results. So, What do you do? You find some SEO service provider who will recommend to grow your business rather rank faster on search engine. There are some cool techniques we use at Algoslab that really drive traffic to your website. The more traffic you have on your website the more chance you have to grow your business. When you have more visitor to your website search engine will automatically rank for the appropriate keywords. As I said more traffic, don't just go out and buy some fake web traffic that generated by internet robot. If all of this sounds complicated to decide how to hire SEO company then. Well, hire someone who focus to grow your business rather rank on search engine that's the ultimate and safe way...

  • Because we help you grow your business online that needs less effort

    From Our own experiences, We never become pleased in any section of business assignment ignoring the standard and excellence. The most precious entity in business is the unique idea and the most important and dominant thing that really matter is the value we provide to our clients. So, What is it that really provide you value?

    • We analyze your existing business
    • Find out who is your targeted audience
    • Collect their phone numbers and email addresses
    • Send them short SMS and Corporate Email
    • We do perform a breif compitative analysis
    • Find out what is the keywords they are ranking for
    • What are most valuable kewords we can implement more
    • Design a website that directly manupulate buying decision
    • Accessibility and SEO friendliness
    • Finally 24/7 professional customer support

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